Society builds up our grant fund

Our affinity with the town’s building society paid dividends last week with a welcome boost to our funds. Penrith Building Society made a donation of almost £500, swelling the pot of money available for Pride in Penrith Lottery grants to good causes in the area.

It was all made possible by savers choosing a special account that the building society set up in 2012 to support the lottery.

“Each year, we give the lottery a donation equivalent to 0.5 per cent gross interest on the balances held in our Affinity savings accounts,” said Amyn Fazal, chief executive of Penrith Building Society. “The more money that people save in their Affinity accounts, the more we’ll donate to the lottery – that way savers earn interest and also play their part in helping good causes.”

The dividend donation enables savers and the building society to support a diverse range of organisations and projects in Penrith and the wider area.

“We already help a number of groups and charities individually, but the dividend is a way for us to reach the many clubs, associations and events that the lottery supports through its grants,” Amyn said.

Penrith Building Society was one of the partners that helped form the lottery in 2010, and has been a keen supporter ever since.

“We’re very grateful to PBS and the Affinity account holders for this donation,” said the lottery chairman Rob Udale. “The building society is very actively involved in the life of our community and we’ll certainly ensure that this money reaches groups that need it.”

There’s more information about the Affinity account online at Any group wishing to apply for a lottery grant can find out more in our Grants section.