Penrith Lottery and Penrith Building Society – working together

Penrith Building Society has partnered with Pride in Penrith Lottery to offer a special Affinity Account that allows savers to donate money to the lottery, all without it costing them a penny!

The building society makes an annual donation to the lottery based on the balances held in all its Pride in Penrith Lottery Affinity Accounts. So, the more supporters save in their Affinity Accounts, the more the lottery will receive, helping us to make an even greater difference to the town we love. If you are interested in opening an account, call into the Penrith Building Society on King Street, Penrith, where you can apply.

By opening a Pride in Penrith Lottery Affinity Account with Penrith Building Society you can be part of this worthwhile initiative to make Penrith a great place to live and work without it costing you a penny. The Society will make a cash payment each year to the Pride in Penrith Lottery equal to 0.50% gross interest on the average total balance held in all Pride in Penrith Lottery Affinity Accounts. This means that the more supporters who save in this scheme, the bigger the cash payment will be to the Pride in Penrith Lottery.

You can find out more about this special account on the Penrith Building Society website.