Penrith Lottery £2k Super Draw Celebrates Grant Success

Penrith Lottery £2k Super Draw Celebrates Grant Success

The Pride in Penrith Lottery is marking summer 2018 with a super draw of a guaranteed £2,000. All paid up members (existing and new) registered with the Lottery on Thursday 16th August will be entered on the special draw held that evening .

Since the local lottery was founded in 2010, it has granted funding of well over £100k to local organisations and charities, community projects and events.  Chairman Peter Ward said “We’re really proud that a comparatively small local lottery that we set up from scratch has raised so much to support the local community, and as such, we wanted to celebrate that and at the same time say thanks to our members with this special one-off draw”.

Starting at £500 and increasing weekly by £100, ordinarily, the lottery is drawn every Wednesday, with members trying to match four numbers to win a jackpot of up to five thousand pounds.  Those who match three numbers win £20.  The super draw will be held on Thursday 16th of August, with the winner of the £2,000 being notified immediately.

Lottery Administrator, Joanna Fozard, explained how new members could join the lottery.  She said “Anyone who would like to sign up to the lottery just needs to complete the form on our website, or on the special Super Draw leaflets that we’re distributing locally. Alternatively  they can visit our stand at Penrith on a Plate on 21st July.  She continued “There are a variety of convenient ways to pay, and people can pay monthly, quarterly or annually.

Pride in Penrith Lottery is run by a group of local volunteer directors who meet once a month to guide the strategy and consider grant applications.   They normally make grants up to £2,000, and  most recently they have supported events in Penrith Town Centre, such as Eden Food & Farming Festival, Penrith Goes Orange and the Winter Droving; and also Cumbria Action for Sustainability’s Green Build Festival, Penrith Remembers and Carleton Park Play Area.

For more details on the Super Draw, to become a lottery member or to apply for a grant, see