New Initiatives for Organisations

This summer, we’re launching two new initiatives to benefit local organisations – one to provide a Grant Funding Officer and another to pay organisations a £25 ‘Finders’ Fee’ for each new member they recruit.

The Grant Funding Officer will be able to help local organisations apply for money from other funding organisations which has the benefit of  increasing the skills and experience of staff or volunteers, to help organisations become more sustainable, and to assist in making applications to funders who offer larger grants.  This will help our funding go further, increasing the benefit for the whole community.

In addition, for each new member that an organisation recruits, they’ll get a one-off payment of £25, so if you’re involved with an organisation and can tell your members about the lottery, click here for more details. The hope is that this will increase membership and thus the funds available for distribution but also provides a way for local organisations to raise funds to offset routine running costs – expenditure which is rarely  funded by grant funding bodies.

We’ve already written to a select few organisations to ask if they’d like to get involved, but if you’re involved with an organisation that would like to take advantage of either of these offers, please email us for more information.