New ball girl for Pride in Penrith Lottery

A leather specialist from London has just become the new Pride in Penrith Lottery coordinator. Nicky Jenkins took over the reins last month, marking quite a departure from her previous life in the capital, where she was working most recently on refitting luxury yachts. 

Nicky has been getting to grips with the online system that runs the Pride in Penrith Lottery draws, and all the other tasks that the job involves.

“There’s more to it than you’d think, but it’s been very well organised by Helen Sanderson, the previous administrator, who’s been very helpful in teaching me the ropes,” Nicky said. “As well as running the weekly draws, which takes about an hour and a half each Wednesday, if everything goes smoothly, there’s all the administration to do with sending out cheques to our winners, dealing with grant applications, auditing our scratch cards and coordinating the monthly board meetings.”

A graduate in furniture restoration, Nicky specialised in gilding, leather and vellum, and is also skilled in cabinet making, antiquing, wood carving, cane working and painting on glass. With the lottery role occupying half a dozen hours a week, she’s hoping to find work using her craft skills, but so far hasn’t found any openings in Eden. Nonetheless, she’s enjoying what life has to offer here, having relocated after her partner took up a new job in the area.

“Everyone on the lottery board has been very welcoming and friendly, and it’s great to be involved in the community through this role,” Nicky said. “I’m really enjoying exploring the area, going for walks and cycling in the Lakes and Pennines, and I’m starting to not get lost in Penrith now, which is great! We have a house and garden here for what it was costing me to rent a room in London, and it’s lovely to be able to leave your back door open!”

Nicky’s taken over just in time to run the lottery’s special draw to mark its fourth anniversary and Penrith Show.

“I’ll be doing the special draw next Wednesday, 23 July, and then we’ll hopefully present the winner with their £500 cheque at Penrith Show that Saturday,” Nicky said.

“We feel very lucky to have found Nicky, and we hope she’ll enjoy living in Eden and helping us support this community that we all love,” said Rob Udale, chairman of Pride in Penrith Lottery.

There’s more information about joining the lottery at or call Nicky on 07737 049516.