Lottery could move mountains, says May winner

Penrith resident Maureen Whitemore got the summer off to a great start in May, winning £500 in the Pride in Penrith Lottery’s latest special draw. 

Maureen, who has been a member of the community lottery since it began four years ago, urged others to join, and help the lottery make a difference.

“I’ve stayed a member since the start because the lottery supports a lot of really good causes and I feel it helps our area greatly,” Maureen said. “The monthly lottery subscription is a small amount for each member to pay and you don’t miss it, but add it all together and a lot of good can be done with it. With more members, the lottery could move mountains!”

Maureen plans to use her winnings to do some landscaping in her garden – a plan she has long aimed to embark on.

Wishing her well with the project, lottery chairman Rob Udale thanked Maureen for her long-standing support.

“On behalf of the many organisations and initiatives that benefit from lottery grants, I’d like to thank all our members,” Rob said. “It costs just £2 a week to be in the lottery, with a chance to win a jackpot of up to £5,000, as well as other chances to win in our special draws throughout the year.”