Join Online!

Join Online!

The Pride in Penrith lottery website has been redeveloped, spruced up and made easier to use, which propels the scheme into the digital age.

Previously the Pride in Penrith Lottery website was quite basic with limited functionality. The new website uses the Lottery's new branding and is more eye catching, user friendly and easier to navigate.

The main feature of the new website is that people can now join online. In the past people have had to sign a form and set up a standing order. That option is still available; however the new website is linked up with an online shopping function, which will enable everyone to join online. It'll give people the chance to join for a month or up to a whole year without giving over any bank details.

The aim of creating the new site is to make it easier for people to get involved, provide members easy access to information, engage with a younger audience, issue results more frequently, show members where their donations have gone and give up to date information as it happens. The website has live, up to date results, as well as links to social networking sites Facebook and Twitter and the option to sign up for e-newsletters. “We recently did a survey and realised that we needed to make it easier for people to join the lottery, communicate better with members, increase brand awareness and let people know more about what we are doing. As well as other forms of marketing and promotion, the internet is one of the main ways in which we can do this.” comments Lisa Coates, Marketing Consultant for the Lottery With 85% of people in the UK now online and with 1 billion pieces of information shared daily on the World Wide Web the Pride in Penrith Lottery did not want to be left behind and felt it was important to get up to speed.

“Our main aim is to generate money for local community projects and to inform as many people as possible about the good work we are doing. Our members are the most important people in this process and without their participation good causes would not benefit! We need to ensure we communicate effectively with our members (and future potential members) and we feel that a good way of doing this is online”