Grant Recognition Guidelines

As a condition of grant funding, organisations awarded grants by Penrith Lottery are required to publicly acknowledge the support we have given.  This helps us to recruit more members and continue the work of Penrith Lottery, funding local projects within a five-mile radius of the town.

When reviewing your project completion form, we will look for evidence of recognition of the grant you have received from Penrith Lottery.  We have given you some ideas below of how you might be able to acknowledge the financial assistance we have given.

Get Us Involved!

A member of our committee would like to present the cheque to a representative of your organisation at your premises or location.  This gives us a photo opportunity to maximise press coverage, and for use on our website, social media and newsletters for our members and supporters.  Please also let us know when your project is opening or when your event is taking place and invite a member/s of our committee to attend.

How to use the Penrith Lottery logo

You can use our logo in the most appropriate ways for your project. Please use the logos supplied supplied below and never adapt or recreate them.  If you require additional versions or are unsure how to use the logo, please contact

Online and social media

We expect to see our funding acknowledged online, including on your website by placing the Penrith Lottery logo on a page with reference to your project, with a link to our website; and also mentions in text again with a link to our website.

On social media, we’d like grant recipients to share news of the funding granted with our logo, pictures of the project, mentions in text and links to our website.  We can also be tagged on social media and will reciprocate by sharing and retweeting your posts.

Signs and Plaques

Plaques and other signage are a good way of acknowledging your grant.  Other signs may be more appropriate to your project such as roll-up signs or banners which provide background acknowledgement during construction work, exhibitions, workshops or other activities.

Printed Literature

Grant recipients must use the Penrith Lottery logo on any promotional and printed materials relating to their project, such as leaflets, printed and electronic newsletters, posters, educational materials, event or project reports.

Press Releases

Press releases or news articles about your project must acknowledging our support in the text, and ideally will include our logo.


Your grant from Penrith Lottery must be acknowledged at any event that relates to an activity we have funded, by verbally mentioning the funding and/or inclusion of our logo on any literature that relates to our funding.