Decorator Celebrates Penrith Lottery Jackpot Win

Chris Sisson, of Sissons Decorators, hit the jackpot when his four numbers came up in Penrith Lottery’s weekly draw on to win £3,300.

Chris, who has been a member of the lottery since its inception in 2010, was on holiday in Corfu when the lottery tracked him down to tell him the good news.  Laughing in surprise at the news, he said “I’m on holiday at the moment – looks like tonight’s drink are on me!” Chris’s generosity went even further, as he opted to donate £500 to the ‘Make Penrith Sparkle’ Christmas Lights Campaign.

Starting at £500, for each week that the numbers go unmatched and the jackpot therefore un-won, it rolls over and increases by £100. The jackpot was last won in the new year, and the jackpot had been steadily increasing week-on-week.  When the draw was made, Chris’s numbers of 2, 7, 12, and 31 were selected by the Lottery’s specialist software system, making him £3,300 richer. 

Chris is a founding member of Penrith Lottery and explained why he had joined and stayed a member “As a local company, we think it's a good idea to support local initiatives, and being a member of Penrith Lottery means that supports some great local projects, which is why we thought it was a good idea to give a little of our winnings towards the Christmas Lights”.

Elspeth James, lottery committee member, presenting the cheque said “Being a Lottery committee member is really rewarding, because as well as granting much needed funds to our local organisations, we also get the opportunity to present these big cheques to our jackpot winners! So on behalf of the rest of the committee, I’m delighted to present this cheque to Chris”.

The lottery costs £2 a week, and the draw is made each Wednesday.  Members pick four numbers and if all four match those drawn, they win the jackpot; or if they match three, win a consolation prize of £20, with winners being automatically contacted by a lottery representative.

For more information, or to find out more about becoming a member, see