Community pot about to burst

The Pride in Penrith Lottery, which began a year ago, has produced a "Community pot" of money which is dedicated for good causes in and around the town. The "pot" which has been filling with funds since the Lottery began is about to burst as promoters urge good causes to come forward with their grant applications.

The Lottery was set up to help local good causes, charities and not for profit organisations raise money for projects that would benefit and add to the rejuvenation in and around the town. To date £7,000 has been donated to good causes including Carleton Community Project, Sunbeams Music Trust, and the Beacon Wheelers to name but a few. However there is still just under £17,000 in funds waiting to be donated.

Last week, Lee Quinn of Eden Community Radio was presented with a grant of £2,500 to help with start up costs for the Eden FM Radio station, which is set to launch later this year. The grant is the biggest that the Lottery has presented to date and demonstrates how the Lottery is committed to helping new 'not for profit' initiatives that will benefit the town. With the money Eden FM will be able launch with a trail transmission in November and to refurbish their studio, located at the Cumbria Mini Centre in Penrith.

"Eden FM Radio will be your local voice in the community. It's fantastic that the Pride of Penrith Lottery has embraced the project. With the funding now secured, it enables Eden FM Radio, a not for profit organisation, to have its first trial transmission RSL (Restricted Service Licence), which will put Eden FM closer towards meeting the needs and requirements of supporting a full time radio licence application for Penrith and the surrounding areas. From November 2011, Eden FM will be the voluntary group serving the community, providing up to date, interesting and informative features that are important to local people. Run by local people, supported by local organisations and businesses and creating opportunities for all in local radio!" Lee comments.

Awards from the Lottery are given to voluntary/non-profit making organisations or to help support community initiatives that benefit the town and the surrounding area. Grants can be from as little as £100 for all types of projects from large-scale events in the town to other smaller charitable projects.

Each week as prize draws are made for the Lottery, the amount of money in the "Community Pot" rises and with no one coming forward to claim grants the money is just sitting untouched, when it could be helping someone. Richard Utting, Promoter for the Pride in Penrith lottery comments "The initial aim of the Pride in Penrith Lottery was to help generate money for the town, local initiatives, good causes and projects – as well as making some of the residents winners! We have been able to help with various projects to date, but we are surprised more people have not come forward to take advantage of the money available for good causes. We want to make Penrith a vibrant town again and there are so many projects we read about in the local press that we could help with; we just need people to come forward and tell us about their project so we can consider giving them some money!"

To apply for funds from the Pride in Penrith Lottery people need to visit the Lottery website and fill in a grant application form. The process normally takes 4-6 weeks, but soon your project could have an injection of funds from the Lottery; helping to rejuvenate our local community. Together we can make a difference!