£5,000 will be won on Wednesday in Penrith Lottery draw

One lucky member of the Pride in Penrith Lottery will be £5,000 richer next Wednesday. The lottery has been rolling over towards its maximum jackpot since it was last won in February, and they’ll keep drawing next week until a winner is found.

“People can join on our website and be entered into the jackpot draw right up until Tuesday night,” said lottery chairman Rob Udale.

The lottery is run by volunteers and all its profits are given out as grants to community groups, events and initiatives.

“We really need some new members to come forward and help us boost our pot of grant funds,” Rob said. “For just £2 a week, you’ll have a chance to win up to £5,000 in our weekly draws, as well as some £500 prizes each year. Meanwhile, you’ll be helping local organisations that benefit the community.”

The lottery welcomes members from anywhere in the country who want to help make a difference in and around Penrith.

“We’ve given out more than £80,000 in grants since we started six years ago – all funded by local people and businesses who’ve chosen to give just a few pounds a week to be in our draws,” Rob said.

The lottery was credited last week with being one of the funders that made it possible for this year’s Winter Droving event to go ahead. The community lottery was a major funder of other events including Penrith on a Plate and the ‘Penrith goes Orange’ Marmalade Festival day.

“We’ve contributed to play and sports areas for local children recently, helped sports clubs, supported Eden Mencap’s work and funded improvements to Penrith town centre,” Rob said. “Joining the lottery is a great way to put something back into the area to make it a great place for everyone to live, work and grow up.”

To join in time for the jackpot draw, visit www.prideinpenrith.co.uk/how-to-join.